What is the process of taking a cast?

The type of cast will determine the process involved.  Casting is basically a negative moulding process, baby's hand or foot is put into a solution of alginate which depending on the temperature hardens within 2 minutes.  The hand or foot is easily removed and then the mould is taken away to be cast using high quality stone powder.


For linked family hands, limbs, face, head or torsos the process is similar but has a few additional steps which can lengthen the moulding up to 30 minutes a mould.

How long will the casting in our home take?

This depends on how many casts are being taken during the appointment, but the visit itself usually takes between half an hour and an hour.

Is this messy and should old clothes be worn?

It can be messy but we make every effort to use protective sheeting to prevent any mess.  Old clothes need not be worn but that depends on the casting type.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes.  The material used to take the cast is alginate, which is the same as that used by dentists to take impressions of your mouth so is completely skin safe.

Can I choose different frames/mounts?

Yes, as we make our own frames, there is a wide selection of frame moulds and frame mounts which give you maximum choice.

How long will it take before my casting is returned to me?

Three and a half weeks is the normal time, as the casts air dry because they should not and cannot be rushed in their drying procedure.

Do you charge extra for travelling?

Generally no, but that does depend on the distance involved.

Can casts be done on newborns?

Any age from birth onwards are suitable for individual casting.  However linked family hands would be for ages 4 and up, due to the length of time required to be still.  However for children under 4, we recommend the clasped style, individual, or family line up.

What payment methods do you take?

We currently take cash, paypal and bank transfer.

When do I pay for the casting?

50% deposit is required at time of casting, with the remaining 50% due on delivery.

Do you cast pets?

Yes many dog owners have benefited from this service also.