ABC BELFAST  is Northern Ireland's only fully trained babycaster and lifecaster and full member of The Association of Lifecasters International . We do 3D casting of hands or feet of newborns, babies, children and even entire families from the comfort of your home.

Our children grow up so fast we forget every wrinkle, crease or even the size of their hands or feet. 3D casting is the only way to cherish every wrinkle and crease even once they have grown up.
Casting is a delicate process and doesn't harm the baby or child, and the cast can be finished in one of three finishes.

Our castings are not just painted like some others, they are guilded and so emphasise every wrinkle and shape.

As ABC BELFAST are also picture framers, you can choose from a choice of framing options for your castings.  You don't have to pick from pre-purchased frames, you can have it made to suit your own personal taste.
Each framed casting also comes with an engraved plaque as an option at no extra cost.


Our Story

In 2003 I started work in a major supermarket chain and as Christmas approached, the company decided they would have a fancy dress competition for the staff with a massive £1,000 pound prize!

Now, everybody was likely to do the usual shop-bought Santa suit but I had a different idea. I was going to be the Grinch!

With no knowledge then, and very little sense, I life cast my own face (certainly not recommended) and I lost my eyebrows! However, I did get a life cast I could work with, and so with latex and cotton wool, I managed to build a convincible mask.

This was applied with wet latex and then painted up.... It took many hours. And yes - I won the competition!

As the years have gone by, I have been asked by many people to life cast their children and it has all worked very well.

Once I had trained to be a picture framer I started to be asked more frequently because I could now do the whole thing.

As I looked around at the many people who claimed to be “life casters” or “baby casters” I realised that the only way forward was to become qualified at this, and so that is what happened. I trained with The Artisan Guild and became the only trained Baby Caster and guild member in Northern Ireland.